Volunteer at the Whitefish Songwriter Festival

    Do you want to go to the Whitefish Songwriter Festival for FREE? We offer an All Access Pass in return for five hours of work.

    Meet new people, forge new friendships, and support music in our community by joining the Whitefish Songwriter Festival team as a volunteer. A wide range of volunteer opportunities are available.

    We are looking for smiling faces who can go with the flow in an ever-changing environment, take on any assignment—no matter the size—and whose middle name is “Dependable.” If this sounds like you, we would love to have you as a volunteer for the 2nd Annual Whitefish Songwriters Festival, September 12 – 14, 2024.

    Our corps of volunteers work to support our fans, staff, sponsors, and songwriters to ensure everyone at the event has an exciting, fun, memorable, and safe experience. You could be doing anything from helping set up the many festival sites, staffing the box office, selling tickets, staffing doors at our venues, checking and selling wristbands, and/or selling merchandise.  

    For those individuals who possess the above qualities, we are willing to exchange one ticket to Saturday Nashville Hit Songwriter show and a wristband for the Rising Stars shows for a volunteer commitment of four and a half hours spread over four days, September 12 – 14, 2024.

    You’ll be an integral part of the event’s success. As a 501 c(3) organization, our mission is to #1) promote songwriting and songwriters, #2) Bring incremental tourism business to our host communities and #3) Promote music education in public schools and colleges.  In the past seven years we have contributed over $100,000 to fulfill that mission.

    If you like to volunteer for this years festival, September 12 – 14, 2024, click here and add your name, the dates and times you can work on our  sign-up sheet.

    Box Office Host

    The box office is open from 12pm to 6 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the festival. We need volunteers to assist in checking in pass & ticket holders, answering questions, selling tickets and merchandise. Shifts are in 2.5 hour blocks.

    Venue Host

    All the shows at the songwriter festivals are ticketed which means to come into the shows fans need proper credentials. This might include passes and/or wristbands. Volunteers are posted at each entrance/exit to be sure fans coming and going have the proper credentials to come in. They are also responsible for selling wristbands at the venue. Venue volunteers also work to keep conversations to a minimum and the atmosphere of a listening room are respected.

    Set-Up & Logistics

    Do you have time to set-up chairs, run errands, set stages, move sound equipment and/or anything else that need to be done during the festival. We need self-motivated people to help.

    Beer & Wine Sales

    Servers are needed to sell beer & wine on Friday & Saturday evenings of the festival. This is a volunteer position however you keep the tips. Must be Montana and or Wyoming Alcohol server certified.

    Songwriter Host Housing

    Do you have a guest house, mother-in-law quarters or extra bedroom to house our Rising Stars during the Whitefish Songwriter Festival? We need hosts to house our Rising Star Songwriters. Songwriters will arrive sometime on Wednesday before the festival and depart the Sunday after the festival. Host housing should include a private bedroom and bathroom if you are housing more than one songwriter a shared bathroom is fine. A private entrance is prefered however not required. 

    Venue Manager

    This is a key position during the festival. Venue managers coordinate with the ticketing volunteers, songwriters, sound technicians and venue staff to be sure everything is running per the schedule. They announce the songwriters, make any necessary announcements and close the show by thanking venue, songwriters and announcing the next show. The venue manager is in charge of the cash bag at the show and turning it in to Box Office or other designated person at the end of the day.


    Drivers are needed to shuttle our Nashville Hit Songwriters from their hotel/residence to the shows & airports.

    If your interested in a position as a Venue manager, Songwriter Host or Transportation Driver please call or email Mike at 406-690-5988 / [email protected]

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