So You Want To Be A Rising Star?

    Are you interested in performing as a Rising Star songwriter at the one of our festivals? We are looking for professional singer/songwriters to share their creativity and music with our audiences. Our Rising Stars are hired to play in the various pubs and restaurants in town. We host these shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. These are in a song swap format with two to three songwriters. Each show is an hour and fifteen minutes in length. You will more than likely play in a different venue with different songwriters each day. We pay our Rising Star Songwriters a set talent fee for performing shows on a combination of days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We do not pay expenses. The fee is reflective of the experience of playing at our festival and enjoying our mountain communities of Montana and Wyoming.

    We are looking for songwriters who are making a significant portion of their income from performing and selling their songs on CDs, Spotify, iTunes, etc. We also look for songwriters that have a significant presence on social media, facebook, Spotify instagram and dedicated website.

    We do not hire songwriters through managers or management companies. If you are obligated to a management company we encourage you to pay them their booking fees but understand we will deal directly with the you, the songwriter.

    If you are interested in being one of our Rising Star Songwriter at one of our festivals, send a CD of your original music and bio to:

    Mike Booth, Executive Director
    Rocky Mountain Songwriter Festivals
    P.O. Box 830
    Red Lodge, Montana 59068

    Thank you for your interest.