Festival Songwriters

    Nashville Hit Songwriters

    Seven of the top songwriters in country music including two Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame members will perform for you in the round at the O’Shaughnessy Center and the Performing Arts Center.

    Austin, Texas
    Nashville, Tennessee
    Leipers Fork, Tennessee


    Twenty Rising Stars songwriters will share their stories and musical talents in the bars, restaurants, coffee shops and parks.

    Boone, North Carolina
    Whitefish, Montana
    Cody, Wyoming
    Nashville, Tennessee
    Finalist 2019 Rocky Mtn Songwriter Contest, Lewistown, Montana
    Bozeman, Montana
    Paradise Valley, Montana
    Finalist 2018 Rocky Mtn Songwriter Showcase Billings, Montana
    Winner 2020 Rocky Mtn Songwriter Showcase Lewistown, Montana
    Nashville, Tennessee
    Nashville, Tennessee
    Calgary, Alberta
    Finalist 2017 Rocky Mtn Songwriter Showcase. Helena, Montana
    Butte, Montana
    Nashville, Tennessee
    Winner 2017 Rocky Mtn Songwriter Showcase Eureka, Montana
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