Rising Star Show #1 – Chad Okrusch & Marcedes Carroll
    Rising Stars Show #2 – Sean Devine & Jordyn Pepper
    Rising Star Show #3 – Liz Moriondo & Frank Hurd
    This show will feature four of the Hit Songwriters performing in the Round, Bluebird Style, at the Grouse Mountain Lodge. This show is for sponsors, Patrons and invited guests. If you are interested our list of Sponsors and/or Patrons call Mike at 406-690-5988 or Cari at 206-713-3000
    Rising Star Show #4 – Graham Bramblett & Marcedes Carroll
    Rising Stars Show #5 – Jordyn Pepper, Jessica Eve & Brooks Forsyth
    Rising Stars Show #6 – Matt Strachan & Justine Vandergrift
    Are you a songwriter? This is your chance to perform at the Whitefish Songwriter Festival. Bring your guitar and show us what you got. This show is open to all songwriters.