Come start Saturday at Fleur Bake Shop, have a cup of coffee, savory pastry or just hang out with the songwriters. Local host Nick Spear will conduct a songwriting session with three other songwriters, audience participation is encouraged.
    Rising Stars Show #18 – Susan Gibson, Jordyn Pepper, Brooks Forsyth & Luke Dowler perform at the O”Shaughnessy Center Presented by Glacier Bank (Free Family Show)
    Rising Stars Show #19 – Frank Hurd, Marcedes Carroll & Matt Strachan
    Rising Star Show #20 – Dave Rummans, Kalyn Beasley & Liz Moriondo
    Rising Stars Songwriters #21 – Chad Okrusch, Dave Rummans & Jessica Eve
    Rising Stars Show #22 – Graham Bramblett, Sean Devine & Kalyn Beasley
    Rising Stars Show #23 – Brooks Forsyth, Justine Vandergrift & Sean Devine
    Rising Stars Show #24 – Frank Hurd, Liz Moriondo & Graham Bramblett
    Six Nashville Hit Songwriters will perform for you on Saturday September 18. Three will start at the O’Shaughnessy Center and three at the Performing Art Center. They will then switch venues at intermission so you will see all six songwriters on this special night.