Come start your Saturday at the festival on Casey’s Rooftop. Have a cup of coffee, Bloody Mary or Mimosa and hang out with the songwriters. Local host Nick Spear will conduct a songwriting session with three other songwriters, audience participation is encouraged.
    September 17, 2022
    Hit Songwriters Meet & Greet and CD signing at Slow Burn Records.
    Hannah Belle & Hannah King with a special guest Abigayle Kompst at the O”Shaughnessy Center (Free Family Show)
    Tom Catmull, Marcedes Carroll & Jackson Holte
    Brooks Forsyth, Susan Gibson & Michelle Rivers
    Quenby Iandiorio, Honeyboy & Boots & Aaron Bibelhauser
    Jared Lostracco, Grace Morrison & Rumour Mill
    Hannah Belle, Steve Fulton & Jackson Emmer
    Rumour Mill & John Hewitt