September 15, 2023
    Come start your day at Slow Burn Records. Local host Jo Smith will interview Hit Songwriters & Rising Star songwriters. They will pick a few songs and tell some great stories. See you there. 10:30 am – Kate Redgate 11:00 am – Kalyn Beasley 11:30 am – Even Stevens, (Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame Inductee).
    Rising Stars: Honeyboy & Boots, Sean Devine & Dan Weber
    Rising Stars: Abigayle Kompst, Andy Sydow & Jo Smith  
    Rising Stars: John Hewitt, Jo Smith & David Starr  
    Rising Stars: Jess Jocoy, Jackson Emmer & Matt Strachan
    Rising Stars: Jeff Plankenhorn, Aaron Bibelhauser & Kate Redgate
    Rising Stars: Susan Gibson, Dan Weber & Grace Morrison
    Rising Stars: Sean Devine, Kate Redgate & Dan Weber